Allepy (Allapuza) is famous for houseboats, which travel through the backwaters of Alleppy and you can hire for a few hours or for overnight stay. The houseboats have options of individual rooms, dual cabins or have multiple rooms. The one with multiple cabins on the boat is to be shared with other travelers and the cheapest. Some of these are with air-conditioned rooms.

The cabins are small but have a very distinctive feel since the boats are made of bamboo and wood. These boats have all the basic needs like a personal toilet and shower area. Some of the boats have air-conditioned rooms and the boats have a sitting area where you can relax, having tea, coffee or whatever you like, watching sunset and sunrise as you cruise along the water. These are motorized versions and have a boatman to steer the boat and a chef to prepare food for you.

They serve you fresh food which is prepared on the boat. Although the choice of food is limited, it’s prepared with local spices and in a local way and has an authentic Kerala flavor.
Fish, of course, is the favorite item and is served fresh and hot. Breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner is served as and when you like.
Overnight stay is one of the many small islands in the backwaters. The next morning breakfast is served and then you are taken back to Alleppy, completing a very satisfactory and unique stay.
Highly recommended.

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