2 days in Bern should be more than enough.

Old Town, Clock Tower, and Aare river are some of the highlights of the city.
A walk around the Old Town, coffee in one of the shops, and a walk back to the city center will take half of your day.
We had seen a lot of museums in Italy and museum fatigue had set in. If you are traveling only in Switzerland, then you can check the historical, Bern National Museum. Even then, 2 days is enough.

Clock Tower in Old Town

On the Aare riverfront, noticed the locals picnicking and some of the brave-hearts jumping in the fast flowing river. The flow was taking them quite a distance. Quite exciting.

People enjoying a swim in the Aare River

Purchasing – That’s what we did more in Bern
As we were nearing the end of our Europe journey and heading home in the next 4-5 days, we thought of making some purchases.

Nilima decided to buy herself some dresses at the “Chicoree” store. She liked one in particular, but, was not of the right size. The lady at the shop counter, who could not speak much English, suggested we try their other store.
We asked her about the location of the other shop. She gave directions in German or Spanish, not sure which, but we were not understanding them.
She waved her left hand frantically and mentioned Coop and Ryfflihof. So, I asked her is it on the left of Coop in Ryfflihof. No, no, was her answer. Then she started waving her right hand, so, I asked her, oh it’s on the right side of Coop? Again she replied no, no!
Now she was adamant on giving the exact location and Nilima was desperate to get them. The customers around were also watching this interestingly. Finally, she asked the customers, anyone English? One of them could speak and he volunteered to help us. She explained to him and he replied, not left, nor right, the other store, is in front of Coop. Finally.
All had a laugh and Nilima her dress!

While walking around Bärenplatz (Bear Plaza) in the old city of Bern, we came across a restaurant board mentioning “Authentic Swiss Food“. We decided to try it and surely it was very much as advertised. On the first day, we had tasty Raclette, served hot in a metal bowl placed on a wooden plate. Next day, we went for the classic Cheese Fondue. The cheese bowl was kept hot by a small burner placed below it and the accompanying Swiss bread, as usual, was soft in the centre and crisp on the outsides.
When near the City Centre, do remember to check out these restaurants which are on the Bear Plaza.

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