WOW. Just wow. That how the weather at Genting Highlands is.
There’s a chill in the air. There’s “Now you see me, now you don’t” thick fog and mist covering everything in the small town. There are hills covered with beautiful long trees and long winding roads. Amazing. Don’t just visit Genting Highlands, stay there at least for a day.

How to reach Genting Highlands
The fun starts right from here. There are buses which ply from the basement of KL Sentral to Genting Highlands bus stop, from where you take a cable car, a Gondola, to the top. Buy tickets for both these journeys at KL Sentral. You might want to purchase tickets a day earlier if its a heavy season. Just check online or with your hotel in Kuala Lumpur and decide accordingly.
The bus journey is uphill and very comfortable. It takes about an hour to reach the main bus station. From here you take the amazing Cable Car journey to the top. Moving upward between hills and trees, getting a view of all the dense fog along the way, the roads winding below you, a few waterfalls along the way. All this makes it a marvelous journey to the main town.

Where to stay in Genting Highlands
There are a few options available, First World Hotel, claiming to be the largest hotel in the world is very close to where the action is. The Casinos and Malls are a part of this hotel. It is huge with some 7500 rooms, but, still, it gets full in peak season, as we found out. There are other options too and we selected the Gloria Residences Ion Delemen. This turned out a blessing in disguise. It’s a part of the Grand Ion Delemen Hotel and we got a one-bedroom, kitchen and a small living area. The price was reasonable and the location and hotel itself were excellent. The only thing that we did research on and could not find information was the travel means from and to the hotel. Not sure why, but did not find a reference to the free shuttle service they provide from and to the main area and to the cable station, which is within the main mall, casino, hotel everything. They also provide a paid taxi service, which is available immediately.

View from Gloria Residences

What to see in Genting Highlands
The cable car is journey is surely the highlight of your stay at Genting Highlands. You should do this while coming up and going down, so, you don’t have to spend additional time doing this. Like, we said, don’t miss out on this.

Casino and Mall
We are not a big fan of malls when we travel, as we like to purchase at local markets. But, the casino is a different thing. We do make it a point to visit casinos, be it Goa in India or Interlaken in Switzerland of Genting Highlands in Malaysia or Las Vegas in the USA. No, we don’t spend much, we search for the lowest cent automatic poker machines where we can spend a few hours without losing much of your money.
We are not expert gamblers nor do we like to lose money easily, but, the atmosphere of the casino is electric. The energy and the sound are in direct contrast to the serene atmosphere outside the mall and the casino. Entry is free, so at least take a look around even if you don’t want to play.
For the kids, there are indoor games and theme parks within the mall and the energy in the mall is very high.

Apart from this, the Chinese Temple and Strawberry Gardens are other places that you can visit. Chinese Temple is at the first stop of the cable car and is easily accessible.
Genting Highlands, I believe, is a private hill station and that must be the reason why other natural points in the near vicinity have not been developed. A lot of money and effort must have been put in developing the hotels, malls, casinos, theme parks, etc. and they must be wanting people to spend maximum time at these places to get their returns.
But, you do not miss out on other things as the weather compensates for everything else. Be sure to move out in the open to experience it. We were lucky that our hotel was a bit far off, so we could experience the fog and mist on our way.

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