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Cities and all major towns in Switzerland are well connected by trains. They run through beautiful surroundings, are perfectly on time, have a very good frequency and are very convenient.
Interlaken can be reached easily by train and the local bus service for within the town travel is matched to the train timings.

We traveled from Bern to Interlaken by train and the journey was through some picturesque surroundings of small towns, greens, lakes and mountains

Journey to Interlaken is as beautiful as the town

On arriving in Interlaken in the afternoon, we decided to keep Jungfrau for the next day. Jungfrau requires more than half a day, so keep ample time for the same.
Interlaken is a town which is sandwiched between the lake Thun and Lake Breinz. We visited Lake Breinz and then spent a few hours at Casino Kursaal.
Be sure to ask your hotel if they give away free bus passes and also if they provide complimentary entry tickets to the casino if you are interested in going there.

On the second day, we traveled to “Top of Europe” – Jungfraujoch.
You can travel via Lauterbrunnen or via Grindelwald. We went up via Lauterbrunnen and returned via Grindelwald. The last lap of the journey is on a cog-wheel train from Kleine Scheidegg.
At the Kleine Scheidegg station do not forget to enjoy some hot potato Rösti. Rösti is similar to a hash brown. They make it fresh in a big pan at the station. Have it with beer or some cold drink. There are continuous connecting trains to Jungfrau, so do not worry about missing the train.

Potato Rosti with Beer

As expected, Jungfrau is very beautiful and we were even lucky to experience some snowfall at the top.

Jungfrau – Top of Europe

If you have an extra day, in any place, hotel receptions are the best place to get advice on how to spend it. The receptionist at our hotel in Interlaken suggested Trümmelbach Falls.
It is a must watch. It is a waterfall within mountain caves and it’s not one, but, multiple falls. Water gushing down at tremendous speed within the mountain caves and the sound that it creates due to the closed surroundings of the mountain is highly exciting.
You have to take the elevator, which is built within the cave, and then walk around and climb small steps to view the 10 spectacular waterfalls. The effort is totally worth it.

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