Number of Days
You can visit all the famous tourist places and get a feel of the city in 3 days.

How to reach
We took an early morning flight from Venice to Paris. From Charles de Gaulle Paris International airport to our hotel in Cliche, took a taxi from the official taxi stand.

At the airport, we did inquire at the tourist information center for travelling options.

Tourist Information Center

Tip – Generally observed that the first half an hour at the airport, bus stands and train stations on landing at a new city/country is the most confusing time. Tourist information center’s come in very handy here.

To start with you can ask for directions to your hotel, options to travel there and the exit you have to take for the same. Apart from this, they can help you with a range of information on the city. Have found them to be helpful and very patient in all cities, considering the language barrier.

At the information center, were suggested options of train and bus, apart from taxi. There was also a day pass for 3.80 Euro since it has a high pollution day. This has been started in Paris recently, was told.
But, since we had spent 7-8 hours at Venice airport and on the flight, we took the taxi option.

Where to Stay
This one time, we decided to stay from the train station, at L’IMPRIMERIE Hôtel in Clichy.
Although Metro (Subway) station was nearby, hop-on hop-off stop and the main train station was far off, so were the major attractions and shopping centers. Found this to be inconvenient. The hotel was pretty good though. Nothing wrong with that. Receptionists at the front desk were very helpful in giving directions and also guided us to markets where purchasing was good and cheaper than in malls.

Local Travelling
Ho-on Hop-off buses are the best option. Chose the Brown bus and was disappointed. Too many stops, and erratic frequency. Suggest you stick with the Red Bus option, which we found was the best in Italy.
Metro and bus are also options, but, hop-on hop-off buses are good for visiting tourist places.

What to see
Must do’s:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Louvre
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Spending time at Cafe’s and
  • Strolling down the streets
Eiffel Tower

When we first saw the tower from a bit far, frankly, we were not very impressed.
As we got nearer, we began to understand as to why this is one of the most visited man-made attractions. Standing below it we felt the grandeur of the structure, that is the Eiffel Tower.

A visit to Paris, cannot be complete without a visit to The Louvre Museum, the museum which houses ‘Mona Lisa’.
Keep at least half a day for the Louvre, the world’s largest art museum. We took the digital audio guide available at the main entrance, but, were very disappointed, to say the least. Not very easy to understand and directions were haphazard.
There is so much to see and without a proper guide. one gets lost. Suggest taking a guided tour of the place, who will show you only the most important art pieces and explain the details of the same.

The Louvre Museum. Paris

After a busy day of visiting the landmarks, spend your time on the streets of Paris, shopping and relaxing in Cafes.

Walking around the streets, luckily came across the famous “Le Moulin De La Vierge‘ bakery. Had some of the yummiest bakery products…Not counting the calories 🙂

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