Nilima and Raj, that’s us 

Married for over 30 years. Raj is self-employed and you can check him out at Nilima is very creative and does a multitude of activities to keep herself busy. She doesn’t like being tied down full time, so whenever she feels like, she sells jewelry at flea markets, puts up food stalls at exhibitions and does oil on canvas (which is her passion). 

In between all this, we take time to travel and do fun things as a couple.

Although we are not full-time travellers, we love it and try to get in as much of travel as time and money permits. We do have a bucket list of places that we intend to travel, but it keeps changing with lots of additions and some deletions.

“For us, it’s not just about getting the places ticked from this list, it’s more of visiting a place, enjoying the journey and capturing the moments in our heart.”

We believe in flashpack travelling….luxury backpacking at a relaxed pace and in getting more out of a place before moving on to the next one.

A longer duration tour at least once a year and a small one in-between is generally what we try to plan and do.
Is this too less for a travel blog? Not sure. We love to travel, try different cuisines, photograph and write. Travel gives us all that. 

This blog has some of our travel experiences and we invite couples (since this is a blog targeted towards couple travellers) to share their experiences. We will be happy to put them up in the “guest section” of the blog.

Happy journeying and happier writing.

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