Tea Plantations in Kerala

Number of Days
Keep 10 to 12 days to enjoy Kerala to the fullest.

Kerala is known as “God’s Own Country”. There is a Hindu mythological story behind being called this, and the Kerala tourism department has used this tagline to perfection to market this southern state of India.

Kerala is a state in India and it has everything…beautiful beaches, unique backwaters, long winding roads through Nilgiri mountains, rubber plantations, olden temples, wildlife sanctuaries, acres, and acres of tea plantations and hill stations. Kerala does live up to its reputation.
A minimum of 7-8 days will be required to explore Kerala. Although it is small in dimensions, it is packed to the hilt with touristy things to do.

How to Travel
The best way to unravel Kerala is by car. We hired a private cab from Cochin (Kochi) from the airport for the rest of our trip.
We like to keep the best to the last and hence decided to keep the hill station of Munnar and its tea gardens to the final leg of our journey.

During our journey noticed our driver was sometimes trying to get instructions from the locals. I asked him, ‘ You had mentioned that you do this route twice every month. Then why do you need directions?.’
He replied you are doing this trip the other way round!! Generally, others started their trip with Munnar and end with Alleppy, but, you are doing exactly the opposite.

What to see in Kerala

We started our Kerala journey from Alleppey or Alappuzha as it is also known as Alleppey is famous for its houseboats. You can take a short ride or go for an overnight one.
Suggest you take an overnight stay where the night stay is on the boat which is parked on some of the small islands in the backwaters.
It is a good experience and the boats are available in 1, 2, or multiple rooms with all basic amenities provided for.
Depending on your budget and the time of your travel, you can select air-conditioned ones too. This experience is quite unique.

Allepy Houseboat

After Alleppey, we had planned on doing Kovalam, the town famous for its beautiful beaches.
Before reaching Kovalam, our cab driver suggested Poovar Golden Beach, which he said is good and is just slightly off-route. We decided to do it since we were not on any fixed itinerary and are anyways always open to suggestions. The boat ride through the small jungle and then spending a couple of hours on the Golden Beach of Poovar turned out to be a pleasant and satisfying detour. The beach does get a golden hue as the sun sets in the sea. The open church in the waters and the floating restaurant adds to the charm of the place. On the other side, thick coconut plantations provide a green cover and the land is hardly visible where the plantations are.

Poovar Golden Beach

Do keep the Poovar boat ride in your plan of travel. It takes a few hours and is worth the time. Passing through the river, we come across a big island, where the animals looked a bit different from the mainland. On inquiring, we were told that since the animals from this big island had no interaction with land animals, they have developed slightly differently from the mainland animals.

Poovar Jungle Trees
Poovar Jungle Ride

The next stop was Kovalam beach. It is one of the most famous beaches of Kerala having a long beachfront also has a lighthouse. We stayed at a hotel facing the sea. The cold breeze and the sound of sea landing on the beach, made this stay a very pleasant one. One can just stroll in the sands or visit the restaurants situated on the beachfront. There are many small shops in one section selling clothing and accessories. These small huts/shops are very similar to the ones found on the Goa beachfront.
What we enjoyed most in the morning stroll in the bylanes of the small town situated on the small hillock facing the beach. Although a place visited by local and foreign tourists, this town still maintains its old small-town charm. Very pleasant.

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