We traveled from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by a taxi, our first international border crossing by land. You can read about the pleasant journey here.

Kuala Lumpur
The city of Kuala Lumpur is pretty impressive. We did not have many expectations after hearing from people who had been there. But, as they say of travel ‘Don’t believe what you hear. Go See.’
The city is well developed with modern infrastructure. Public transportation is very good, though, as, with all capital cities, it is crowded at peak times.

How many days in Kuala Lumpur
A day is enough if you will be visiting other cities in this country, which you must.
Major attractions can be covered in a day, Genting Highlands not included. You have to keep at least a day for Genting. We highly recommend an overnight stay at Genting Highlands.

How to reach your hotel in Kuala Lumpur
We had traveled from Singapore by taxi of mydaytrp.com and their service is from point-to-point, hence had a drop at the hotel.
Our hotel, was right next to the train station so anyway it would not have been a problem.
Kuala Lumpur has a well developed public transportation system including Express trains from the airport, metered taxi service, buses, LRT (Light Train Service) and MRT. Take your pick.
A word of caution here. Buses and taxis should be avoided at peak hours as the traffic gets very heavy and roads get pretty congested. Trains are the best bet at any time of the day if your destination is near the station.

Where to Stay in Kuala Lumpur
Stay near to KL Sentral. It’s the main station and has connectivity to all parts of the city and all major tourist places. Traveling to and out of the city also gets convenient from this location. KL Sentral station has quite a few hotels in the vicinity and hence the prices are very reasonable considering the quality, which is excellent.

Our stay at Aloft
Aloft, is just opposite to KL Sentral, the main station of Kuala Lumpur Hotel booking site, www.booking.com had excellent reviews for this hotel and the cost was reasonable. We were not disappointed. At check-in, we were offered a free upgrade, which was a surprise considering the high occupancy of the hotel. The top floor houses the swimming pool and the view of the city from here is exceptional. Especially at night.

What to see in Kuala Lumpur
Petronas Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur is famous for the Petronas Twin Towers and is the most visited place in KL by tourists. This tower, which was the tallest when it was constructed, has an outstanding architecture.

The towers are stunning and give a spectacular view of the city.
We generally don’t pre-book tours, but, suggest booking this one as it gets quite crowded and saw some disappointed tourists missing out on the fun. In case you are not sure of your timing and day of the visit, try to reach the towers early and then book for the earliest available slot.
The imposing towers with their connecting sky-bridge make this an architectural wonder.

Batu Caves
Another place of interest is Batu Caves. This Hindu temple situated on a hilltop is unique in its location and style of construction.
You can reach Batu caves from KL Sentral Station by metro and this is the best and fastest way to reach the caves. The caves are situated just beside the train station by the same name.
A huge gold-colored, Hindu deity statue welcomes you at the base of the hill which houses the cave. From there, you have to climb some 270 colorful steps to reach the caves. You can take breaks while climbing the steps at landing spots created at equal intervals and we managed to climb the steps, quite comfortably.
The temperature in the cave is quite cool and it’s very pleasant inside. A temple is built inside the cave. The interior of the cave is unique as the cave is open to the sky at the center and then there are another 30-40 steps to reach another smaller temple, if you are keen to go.
Generally, in any caves which house a temple, you will find carvings or statues of deities inside the cave, with the cave itself acting as walls of the temple. At Batu Caves, apart from statues of deities inside the cave, a big temple is housed inside the cave.
The reason for this maybe is this is a recently constructed temple, as compared to olden caves found in India and elsewhere. The olden caves were carved out, centuries ago, as houses and monasteries for priests and monks of that generation, while Batu Caves is more of a recently created temple.

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