After the exciting Singapore stay, our next destination was Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.
For the 350 km journey, we had pre-booked the taxi service of
This was our first-time experience of using a taxi for an inter-country journey, and it turned out to be an excellent choice. The convenience of a luxury car and an option of adding stops on the way make this a perfect mode of travel between these two cities. Check out here on the advantages of using the taxi service of

We decided on adding a 2-1/2 hour stop of Malacca on the way. Although we would have liked to stay back for a day at Malacca, it was not possible on this tour, but, we were happy to have visited an additional tourist-friendly city in Malaysia.

One advantage with Malacca is that most of the tourist places are in close vicinity as are the food restaurants that line the river. You will also find the famous, colorful tricycles of Malacca in this section of the town.
Although 2-3 hours is surely a bit of a rush, you can still visit most of the places of interest.

The famous red square, built by the Dutch in the 16th century, is a major tourist attraction. It has buildings in Dutch architecture style, an old fountain, a mini windmill (to give the Dutch feel) and “I Love Melaka” sign among others. The mandatory souvenir shops are just around the corner.

Melaka Crist Church
Christ Church is situated at the Stadthuys square and is painted in the same red color as the other buildings and has a similar Dutch feel as the surrounding buildings.

St. Paul’s Cathedral
Atop a small hill, just beside the square is the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Nothing much remains of this cathedral. A few Portuguese tombstones are kept on the walls. One can get a view of some part of Malacca from here.

A Famosa
Before coming back to the Stadthuys square you can visit A Famosa fort. Similar to St. Paul’s Cathedral, nothing much remains of this small Portuguese fort and can be visited only if you have some extra time.

River Front
Malacca riverfront is a more exciting place as it has colorfully painted walls and a number of restaurants lining the river, which offer a variety of food. Malacca is famous for restaurants offering genuine Malaysian food.
We would have loved to visit this place in the night for a river-side drink and dinner and also visit Jonker Street for the night market.

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