A city full of architecture, art, culture, food. An unique city which has a country within its boundary

Number of Days
Rome was not built in a day and neither can you see it in one. 2 to 3 days is the minimum one requires to check out the remains of the Roman architecture and get a feel of the city.

How to reach your Hotel
Take a taxi or bus. Most of the international airports in major cities are situated on the outskirts and this one is no exception. The same applies if you are coming by train.
A taxi should be the preferred option if you are carrying luggage and frankly, you have come to splurge at least a little bit, spend it where necessary.
If the bus from the airport stops very close to your hotel, then select this option, else, use the taxi. You don’t want to walk with your luggage after a long journey.

Tip – Take a taxi from the official service and NEVER take a shared taxi.
Our first Europe stop and we shared the taxi with another person just to save a few Euro. That was a foolish thing to do and thankfully we reached safely. But, after this, never ever did that and always booked their service from the official desk.

Where to Stay:
Rome, being a tourist center, offers all types of options, depending on your choice and budget. We selected ours from expedia.com. You can also do it from bookings.com. Both the sites have a vast range of hotels to suit your style and budget.
Since Rome was the starting point of our Europe trip, we did not know what to expect.
Our selection of the DNB House turned out to be a very good one. Nice rooms, very near to the railway station and other amenities.  Breakfast was awesome….freshly baked croissants, lovely cakes and a lot more…thoroughly enjoyed it.

Local Travelling

The best option is the hop-on hop-off bus. Suggest, you take a multi-day pass, depending on your stay. The cost for additional days come at a reasonable addition.
There are different companies run hop-on hop-off services, we took the Red Bus and it was good. The frequency was good, on time, clean, courteous service and a good commentary. Earphones and easy to read route maps with all major attractions marked on it are provided.
No need to book the bus online. Tickets are available at newspaper vendors and they also sell tickets at some of their stops.
There is a continuous commentary in multiple languages as we travel through the town. Take a seat in the upper section…since there is so much to see and admire. There are two circuits of the city tour and their routes cross each other a couple of times, so you can switch from one circuit to another.
We used the hop-on hop-off bus extensively throughout Europe, wherever available, and were never disappointed.

What to see
Some of the major attractions are

  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Vittoriano
  • Palatine Hill
  • Piazza del Popolo
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Vatican City
  • Pantheon
  • Spanish Steps

Colosseum and Vatican City are a must so is Trevi Fountain. Keep the first two in the first half of two separate days. Depending on the route and time add other places.
Hop-on hop-off buses become advantageous here. You can travel any number of times on any of their routes. So depending on the time you have, you can select or change routes.

Trevi Fountain

Some points to remember –

  • Keep half a day each for Colosseum and Vatican City. Take a guided tour at both these sites.
  • Always take a guided tour of the places where they are available. It’s worth it. Like, if you are at the Colosseum, what you see is a huge structure in ruins, but, once you hear the history behind it and small nuances of the structure, you can’t but help yourself from admiring it.
  • No need to book a guided tour beforehand. Though they might tell you this avoids line and time, we did not really feel this at the Colosseum or at the Vatican. You get guided tours at both these places and you can also get a bargain deal.

Where and What to Eat

There are numerous restaurants lining the streets of Rome. Most of them display the menu card outside the shop to help you decide.
Order a glass of wine or beer. Enjoy it while marveling the architecture of Rome.
This is the land of Pizza’s and pasta’s and they are available in large varieties. Cheese gnocchi is also a must-try.
Top this up by heading to the nearest Gelato shop. Treat yourself to this dense ice cream in the humid Italian climate. Remember, you can order two different flavors in the same cone.

For lunch, if you are in a hurry, you may skip the restaurants and eat at food trucks which are generally stationed at tourist spots and on major streets.
Dinners at restaurants and Gelato’s at any time of the day (multiple times if you have a sweet tooth) are a must in Italy.

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