Venice (Venezia)

Number of Days
2 days is enough in the romantic city of Venice. Anything above that and you will have nothing to do.

How to reach
We traveled from Florence to Venice (Venezia) by train. Took about 2 hours of travel time to reach Santa Lucia, the main train station in Venice.
It’s not necessary to book train tickets in advance as train frequency is quite good between the two cities
Venice is a beautiful city of canals. Walking and waterways are the only modes of transportation. Vaporetto (Water Taxis) are available from the train station. Depending on your hotel distance, you can select a water taxi or walk it.
If reaching by flight, there is a train service from Marco Polo airport for Venice Santa Lucia Station or you can take a water taxi.
While travelling back from the city to the airport, we preferred the ACTV (water taxi service) as their stop was bang opposite our hotel. Had an early morning flight so took the last water taxi to the airport. It was a small motorized boat and we were the only ones in it.
Traveling at midnight on the sea, on a small boat, at a fast speed….the 60 minutes journey did give us some adrenaline rush!!

Where to Stay
We stayed at Ca’ Pozzo Inn, a cozy little hotel at a walkable distance from the train station. It was booked at
Nice, clean rooms, reasonable breakfast, friendly staff and everything is in the vicinity.

# Try to book hotels which are near to the train station as reaching your hotel, local transportation etc, is easier. But, don’t book very near as there will be a lot of noise and commotion around.
A distance of 200-300 meters should be good enough. This distance is walkable with or without your luggage, has lesser or no crowd and is near to amenities.

Local Travelling
Walking or water taxis (Run by ACTV) is the only option. Generally, you can walk to the major attractions and take a water taxi returning back in case you are feeling tired.

What to see
‘Best way to see Venice is getting lost in the city’.
You need not worry, Venice is a small island, you will eventually reach your hotel.
Away from the crowds of the main street…the small lanes, canals, bridges, some houses with beautifully decorated windows. All these are a treat to watch.

Apart from this, a Gondola ride in the evening, just before sunset, is highly recommended. Just the two of you while the gondolier rowing his way, wading through the canals. It can’t get more romantic than this.

Piazza San Marco is the main place to visit. You can relax in the square, have coffee at one of the cafes listening to live music. (It is very costly, I am told. We did not have one, so not sure)

Per Realto is another bridge which you can see, spend some time and shop for some memorabilia and bags, clothing, hats and other fashionable stuff.

A warning though, depending on your time of visit, Venice can be a hot and humid place and it’s generally crowded with tourists too. Since you will be walking, the climate might get to you. To enjoy yourself, do this city at a relaxed pace.
We did get a tan in Italy, but, it’s no longer there, memories are.

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