What a Wonderful World

And I think to myself, What A Wonderful World.
The song soulfully sung by Louis Armstrong takes one closer to nature and other human beings.

Traveling does the same to you. It makes you admire nature when you are walking amongst the trees, when you sit close to mother earth watching the green mountains, when you see a rainbow across the sky or when you are sitting by a lake, all by yourself or with your loved ones. Admiring the calmness of the lake which captures the photograph of the surrounding trees and mountains on its still waters. I just can’t stop myself from saying…
‘Oh, what a wonderful world’

Ready to Fly

The joy of traveling is quadrupled when you are with your loved ones. Those shared moments are cherished for a lifetime.
Sometimes even strangers come and speak with us when they see us admire the beauty of nature. We were traveling on a Swiss train and admiring nature, not even aware of what is going around us. At the destination, we got up and then a lady approached us and asked, ‘First time in Switzerland?’. I replied in the affirmative, to which she said, ‘ We were sitting just across you and I was telling my husband, look at them, so engrossed in nature, it’s showing on your faces. You were and are smiling.’

That’s what travel does to you, it brings human beings closer and makes you appreciate nature.

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