First, what this site is NOT about:

  • Not about backpacking, per se. Nor is about adventure sports
  • Not about getting a thrill by bungee jumping nor about spending most of your time in resorts or star hotel rooms and spa’s
  • Not about hostels / couch-surfing nor about staying in five star / seven star hotels
  • Not about saving money by eating only street food nor about eating only in fancy Michelin star restaurants
  • Not about fully unplanned tours nor about planning for every second

Combining selective elements of backpacking, group tours and individual traveling to create a journey which is fun-filled, easy on your pocket and easier to do, is the intention of this blog.

Do what we call ‘Luxury Backpacking’.

It all starts with, ‘Where to go?‘ Not as easy at it looks especially if you want to travel to multiple cities/countries. But, it’s not very difficult too.
If in a quandary, you can visit the various group tour sites and see what they offer and select an option as per your preference. Try not to do too many things. Whatever you decide, do it at a bit of a leisurely pace.

How many days? Here, think like a backpacker. Go for a bit of a longer duration than your original plan. This may add to the cost and time, but, you don’t know when your next trip is going to happen, even if, right now, your plan is to do one every few months.

How to reach? Airplane, trains, your own vehicle, private taxi’s, buses, whatever it takes.
# Airplanes if the distance is far off and if it’s Intra-country.
# Private taxi’s for local and inter-city travel if the option is available and it is at a reasonable cost, eg. India.
# Trains if you are in Europe, even if you are crossing international borders. (You have to do trains in Europe. They are amazing).
# For shorter distances from your hometown, your own vehicle is the best option.
Bus travel, frankly, we hate it and generally, we try avoiding. It gives no flexibility at all and it remains our last option.

Luggage – Go the backpacker way. Keep it to the minimum.
A backpack, although not compulsory, but it is really convenient. One backpack and one trolley bag between the two of you should be sufficient, no matter how long the trip is.

Where to stay? No hostels or Couchsurfing. That’s for backpackers.
But, homestays are a big yes. Do it at least once if not more in every tour. You will get the local feel, which backpackers enjoy. Book homestays at
Click here to select on how to select at
Hotels can be booked at or at

Local Traveling varies not only from one country to another but, also for cities within a country and has been discussed with the destination details.

Food. When in Rome, do what the Romans do and eat what the Romans eat.
As backpackers do, enjoy local food, meet locals and interact with them. Enjoy street food and also go to restaurants

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