We like to see various types of places in each trip and generally try to include some of these: famous sightseeing attractions, a few cities, a beach, places of historical importance, some religious places, visit a casino, take a cruise, and our favorite, go to the hills.
You can add whatever you like or stick to only that you like most. For some, being at beaches is the only thing and they stick to that. It’s a personal choice, so choose accordingly. For us, sticking to one type is an overdose,
it has to be a mix of things.
During international travel, you generally start with a city you landed in, due to the international airport being there. So, get done with that place before proceeding ahead or do this on your return, if you are leaving back from the same place.
Another personal choice is keeping the best to the last. Since we love the mountains, we keep the hills to the last leg of the journey. From there, we generally take off to the airport or to the city from where we have our return flight. It’s a nice way to end the journey on a high note.

Other tips:

  • Check out the temperatures of each of the places that you will be visiting and plan accordingly.
  • Political situation
  • Local transportation
  • Inter-city travel options
  • Inter-country travel options A lot of information is available on the internet and that should be enough to give you an idea.
  • Hotel receptions are a good place to get advice on additional places of interest, food, shopping and travelling. Most of the hotel lobbies have maps and other local attractions that you can take a peek at and plan
  • Visit the ‘Visitor Center’. These centers provide loads of information, maps and any other questions you may have and they are free of charge. They usually have very friendly staff and can provide you with timings, rates etc.
  • Internet is your friend, but, don’t overuse it to research or otherwise
  • At the sightseeing spots, recommend you to (always) take a guide, wherever available. Without one, you will not be able to appreciate the intricacies and the stories behind the making of these things are generally very fascinating.
  • Talk to the locals. They are friendly and willing to answer your question. Most of the countries we visited we did that and they have great tips about food, overrated spots, must-see spots.
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